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I believe in stories told by the madman
And everywhere I’ve been, I’ve been who I am.
Come with me to where no kid’s ever been.
I believe that shelter is an illusion,
All we are is mocking birds in great confusion 
Run with me to an unsheltered dream
2 souls vanish like a feather
Under unknown skies and stormy weather
And who’ll ever know what we will be;
The prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Coming down now with the final decadence of time,
You’ll be my queen; I’m your king and your best friend,
And thus we’ll ride until the end.
My steps were crumbling to the moon
And all I did was believe in you.
We made beginning of one end
No matter how I will be there.
I do believe in everything I hear
I do believe that all we got is here
I do believe we’ve got nothing left to fear,
And now we’re sinking.
You and I, deep in ocean dark
We breathe under water.

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