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I woke up hands thrown to the sky
I have flown across the oceans of your eyes
Step by step through the warmth you hide
I’ve seen you.
Still shines on me the sun for which they prayed
For I’ll be free with nothing left to say
And the lives we’ve lived we’ll live them again
With no regrets.
    Fire calls some strength inside
    Red sky songs come back to life
    Words ahead of our own time
 Now as I raise my hands again
Roots from my past grow into this land
To give birth to some other path
In cyclic ways.
Never mind the years about to come
Right here right now and we are one
Just one more step until we’re gone
Who knows where…
Once I heard the posthumous wrote
The eyes of the blind and blindness of sight
I have flown
I have grown
I have sinned 
I have been
I have loved
I loved you
And I still do. 

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