Tonight she’ll be awake
For a shadow on her window.
The wind blows in a room
Under the eyes of the moon.
The western breeze opens the silk upon her bed
She smiles alone.
Soul driven touches in one’s face,
There is light in the dark.
Eye in the eye spirits dance in the room,
The ocean rises with a kiss.
Now he will fall, and she will surrender, and love rises again
Somewhere in their time,
Somewhere in their night
Love rises again.
With fire in its eyes

The shadow is back again.
The entire world is falling in love
Totally oblivious to what’s up above.
No more gods, no more pain.
No added reasons to hurt in vain.
The western breeze opens the silk upon our heads
We finally see.
Soul driven touches in one’s heart
We’re gifted with our lives
Eye in the eye all I have is you
The ocean rises with our bliss.
I will follow my heart, and nothing else.


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