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Recorded, mixed and Mastered at ANDROMEDA STUDIOS
All Songs Written and composed by Aukaï, except for Galileo’s Planet, Written and composed by Aukaï and Bianca Yambanis.
Produced by Benigno Sobral. Coproduced and engineered by Marcell Cardoso.


Aukaï = Vocals
Bê = Bass, Guitars
Marcell = Drums, percussion

Sea Horse cover art concept by GY
Art Concept by Cintia Vaz and Gy
Webmaster = Cintia Vaz
Copyright All rights reserved.



Drica Faria; Clarissa Wey; Ana Carolina Montez, Mayara Oliveira, Theresa Braconnot;  Amandine Michel; João Roberto Queiroz (Johnny Crawler) et Osmar Zorba; Hic Tosta; Dany, Fernando, Luka, Guilherme et Bia Queiroz; Kärinn Ljungvnist; Kahana, 7citiesband; Paula et João Pedro Saliveros; Ginez Rodrigues Neto; Sergio Gorini; Fernando Sobral; Choeur de No regrets formé par Clarissa Wey, Drica Faria, Rebeca Faria Amorim, Cintia Vaz, Ginez Rodrigues Neto et Hybrydd; Vivi et Ariel Cardoso; Kayla Karmiris et  Rodolfo Aguiar.

Very special thanks to Engels Espíritos, without whom I would have never understood what is a stage.

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